Thursday, July 19, 2012

boppy covers

I was going through my stash of fabric-i-bought-because-it-was-cute-and-on-super-sale and decided "what the heck, lets make boppy covers (even thought I've never used them)".  I just wanted to sew something - and I had the supplies.  So, I traced my boppy pillow to create the pattern, cut out the fabric, sewed the two pieces together while including the zipper, and ta-da.  Two quick and easy flannel boppy covers.  I put them on my etsy site, but nobody wants them :-/ 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Super Claire

I made my Claire a pug/princess cape!  Of course she never wants to wear it, but maybe someday!

Aunt Eileen gave me some great fabric a while back. Among this fabric was a cool bicycle fabric I'd been itching to use.  Eventually I paired it with a corduroy I had in my stash and I made a mini messenger bag.  It's pretty nifty.

adjustable strap

inside of flap

inside with flat pockets

back with pocket

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

newborn formal dress

A friend recently asked me to make a semi fancy dress for her newborn.  They had a wedding to attend and couldn't find anything appropriate for the baby.   I used this tutorial for the bodice of the dress, but I altered the straps to snap together instead of tie in a bow.  The flowers are satin circles I sewed together and seared (to prevent fraying).  The skirt of the dress is a layer of satin fabric with a layer of matching chiffon on top.   I made a matching diaper cover using this tutorial

Monday, June 11, 2012

little girl dresses

A while back I was given a bunch of seersucker fabric that was intended to be made into little girl clothing.  Finally, back in March, I made a few dresses out of it.  It's not exactly the look I'd go for if I were shopping for little girl fabric, but it's cute nonetheless. 

I used Simplicity pattern # 3511 to make this first one. 

2 buttons in the back
I used a tutorial I found at LBG Studio to create these next two.  They are very similar, but made very different.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

flower girl dress

A few months before my sister-in-laws wedding she made the comment that she wasn't going to be very picky about the dress my daughter (the flower girl) wears in her wedding, that she doesn't even care if I make it.  Well, say no more.  I decided almost right away that I wanted to make her flower girl dress.  I hopped online in search of patterns, but the results were minimal.  There aren't many patterns out there for dressy clothes unless you're making a baptismal gown (too small) or a prom gown (too large).  Eventually I found a pattern on etsy to use for the bodice.  For the bottom half I used a tutorial for making a "pick up" skirt

I didn't want to jump right into THE dress, so I made a couple trial dresses first.  The purpose of the trial dresses were twofold.  It allowed me to get the size right, but it also gave me and the bride a chance to change our minds about the whole thing. 

After doing two trial dresses I felt confident enough to go ahead and make the flower girl dress.  I was almost completely done when, wouldn't you know it, I decided I wasn't happy with the length or fullness of the skirt!  I bought more dupioni silk (oh la la!) and redid the entire bottom half.  In the end, I was extremely happy with the dress (not to toot my own horn or anything). 

Here's the finished product worn by my beautiful daughter being escorted by her loving brother.

back view....kind of

side view
Here's trial dress #1 - size 18 months, currently for sale on my etsy page


Trial dress #2 - size 24 month, also for sale on my etsy page

And here's my first attempt at the flower girl dress - too short and not full enough.