Monday, January 30, 2012

my first dress. i think.

I just finshed making a dress for myself.  I believe it's the first dress I've ever made for myself.  My plan is to wear it out to dinner on my husbands birthday.  I wouldn't let him see it while I was making it, nor would I let him see it once it was finished.  It's nothing amazing or anything, so don't get excited, but it's cute.  It's a size too small though - which has me really bummed out.  It's snug :-(

I would post pictures of the dress right now (since Kevin doesn't read my blog) but since Kevin won't be seeing it until his birthday I won't be able to get any pictures of myself in the dress until then.  Mid Feb.  I can post a picture of the pattern though (McCalls M6518):

Since making this dress I've found a few other dress patterns that I'm interested in.  I might make a dress for a late-Feb. dinner.  I might make a dress for random casual spring/summer affairs.  hmmmm. 

I think I also want a dressform.


  1. Cute dress! What color/pattern did you decide to go with? If its a little small, you could always throw a little cardigan sweater on with it since its chilly out :)

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