Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cloth Wipes

Looking back over the last couple years I notice that I am progressively becoming a greener mother, homeowner, shopper, etc.  I admit that there's more that I could do, but I am taking baby steps and I am proud of that.  The largest green transition I've made thus far is that a few months before my second child was born, I switched from disposable diapers to cloth diapers!  I could honestly go on and on about why I made the switch, the pros, the cons, and glories of cleaning a poopy diaper, but I will spare you.  If you are interested in reading all about it, here's a link to a blog entry I made a while back about why we switched, and here's a link to some blogs that talk about my experiences with cloth.

But back to the point.  Along with cloth diapers I have tried cloth wipes.  Having 2 babies in diapers meant we were going through wipes like you wouldn't believe!  So I tried cloth wipes.  I still use them from time to time but we still primarily use disposable wipes.   The great thing about cloth wipes is that you aren't limited to using them on a baby's butt.  They can be used at bath time, as a burp cloth, or for general clean-up.

Several of my crunchy friends recently gave birth, so I decided to take some of my old receiving blankets and make cloth wipes out of them for my friends.  It's really quite simple and they are quite possibly the quickest things to make.  I was able to get 6 double-sided wipes out of each blanket!!  I tied a little ribbon around them and gave them away.  My friends loved that I upcycled old blankets instead of buying new fabric!

I figured not everyone would want my old stained blankets so I went and bought some awesome flannel fabric and made some brand new cloth wipes to sell on my etsy website:

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