Thursday, July 28, 2011

One of my favorite items

Back in November 2010 I decided to make my son a little dress coat.  I was sure to have it finished in time for him to wear it on Thanksgiving day.  Not only did I want him to look dapper on the holiday, I also wanted to show off my latest  project to our family members.

I used a wool "suiting" fabric and the most adorable leather buttons! 

It's Simplicity pattern #2526

 Check out these cute little (working) pockets!!  So stinkin' cute!   And the buttons....!!!!!!

 He's never thrilled about wearing a jacket but he found something to be hysterical at this moment.

 Here's the back of the jacket, complete with a little vent at the bottom/center.

I made this before getting my serger, so the inside of the jacket leaves quite a bit to be desired.  A few people have questioned me about lining the jacket, but when that happened I'd just stare at them like they were crazy - I mean, I'd only been sewing for 3 months at the time.  What did they want from me!!

I didn't put the coat on my son nearly as much as I should have, and that's something I really regret!  I lent it to a friend for her son to wear, but he only got to wear it once because I gave it to them too late in the season - DOH!  Fortunately, that same friend is having another boy, so hopefully next winter he will get some use out it.  Perhaps I will try it out on my daughter this upcoming winter.  It's neutral enough, right?!?!  We'll see.


  1. I came here specifically to see the post since you mentioned it on FB - and thought I'd chime in and say that it's TOTALLY neutral enough. I think I've mentioned before (and you've seen) I have a VERY similar coat for myself.

  2. Claire could totally wear it! I'd consider jazzing it up with a hat/scarf/mitten set or switching out the buttons to more girly ones.

    That's one great thing about having my two girls. Everything I made for AN will def be passed down to the new lil sweetie!