Wednesday, September 14, 2011

simple serging

I started seriously sewing 12 months ago.  I decided I wanted a serger 11 months ago. 

Some people need the latest gaming system.  Others need the most advanced i-thing.  I need sewing supplies.

I found an inexpensive serger that had great reviews and my mom gave it to me as a Christmas present! 

There's a bunch you can do with a serger, but I have to admit I haven't played with it nearly as much as I could.  I generally stick to the basic serge and rolled hems.  I did a pretty sweet blind stitch once, but I haven't attempted an overlock stitch and I haven't experimented with different threads. 

Here are a couple basic project I undertook recently.  First, a friend of mine is EC'ing her daughter, so she wanted to turn all of her onesies into t-shirts to make access to the diaper easier and quicker.  Super simple!  All I did was use my straight-edge to draw a line (with disappearing ink) across the onesie at the top of each leg on the front and back, then I serged using that line as reference. 

It may not look like it but there are over 50 onesies pictured above!
Next up, tablecloths.  My mother-in-law bought some great fabric that was prepackaged in lengths of 2 yards.  I used a rolled hem to get rid of the raw edges and selvages and ta-da - tablecloths!

They went from this:

To this:

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