Thursday, September 22, 2011

toddler backpack

In a few short months my husband and I will be taking our little rugrats on a DISNEY CRUISE!!! 

Since Trent is over 2 years old and we have to pay for him to have a seat on the airplane, I decided he might as well have his own carry-on.  Since Mommy and Daddy always use backpacks as their carry-ones, I decided a toddler-sized back pack would be perfect for the little guy.  Choosing the fabric was kind of a no-brainer ;-)

I was supposed to use 1" rectangle rings, but these were the smallest I could find.
I got the free pattern and tutorial from That Crafty Mrs. V's blog.

The verdict:  well, it wasn't the simplest thing I've ever made.  The interfacing made the fabric stiff and difficult to work with at times, and working with piping can be a little time consuming, depending how anal the sewer is.

As for Trent: he will let us put it on him, and he'll even wear it for a couple minutes, but that's it.  Hopefully he will grow a little more fond of over time, and maybe once he sees us wearing our own backpacks he will open up to it even more.  And if not....Ma or Pa will be rockin' a nifty little accessory through the airports ;-).  Maybe I can make it convert to an adult hip pack, haha (people actually still use those things!).

In case you're wondering, Yes, I plan to make one for Claire as well.  I already purchased the Disney fabric for hers!  I'm just waiting for the right sale to go buy the rest of the fabric and materials.

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  1. It turned out GREAT! Jude has a little canvas backpack that I picked up randomly awhile ago. He hated it at first too. Once I stressed how many COOL thing he could keep in there, he seemed to accept it a little more. But the straps always fall off of his not-so-broad shoulders so he gives up after awhile.