Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a hard time coming up with Halloween costumes this year - for all 4 of us.  Kevin and I had specific costumes in mind, but then we both changed our minds.  When we finally decided that Trent would be the Phillie Phanatic, the Phillies were still in the playoffs.  Shortly after we made the decision they were no longer in the running.  Oh well.  Still fun.  Kevin came up with the idea to be a mime and I came up with the idea for Kevin to be the Phanatic too, so he went with my idea and I went with his. Confusing?  I came up with the idea for Claire to be a purple monkey a while ago, but I wasn't set on the idea until mid-October.  A monkey seemed very fitting for her because she climbs around like a monkey.

Our local fabric store doesn't carry green fur, so I ordered five and half yards of green faux fur from fabric.com.  It was just enough.

I made Claire's costume out of anti-pill fleece from Joann Fabrics.

All 3 costumes closed up the back using velcro.  All 3 hoods closed under the chin with velcro.

I used Simplicity 2853 pattern for Kevin's Phanatic costume, and I used McCalls M6105 for both Trent and Claire's costumes.

The Phanatic faces were made using basic craft supplies from Joann Fabric, including styrophome, boas, felt, foam, and a hot glue gun. 

The tongues were simply party blowers.  I got glued Trent's in place, but for Kevin's I poked a hole thru the entire hood so that he could actually blow into it and shoot the "tongue" out - similarly to the real Phanatic. I also made a pair of mittens for his hands.  As for his feet, we bought a pair of clown shoes and added the Phillies logos to them.

Overall, a great year for costumes

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