Saturday, October 29, 2011


Halloween has been my favorite holiday for a while now, and over the last 5 or 6 years it's become a big deal.  It all began in 2005 with a Halloween party where the costumes were all store bought and ridiculous.  But this party became an annual tradition and the costumes got progressively better.  Sometimes our costumes are sewed from scratch and other times they are pieces that we have to alter and/or put together.

 In 2006 my husbands costume was one that was altered and pieced together.  He was the Incredible Hulk.

In 2007 I sewed myself a dress made a wig so I could be Marge Simpson and hubby 'pieced'. 2008 was more pieced together costumes. 

Michael Phelps is my husband....not Bobs Big Boy

2009 was my first really big sewing year.  I made every single piece of my own costume, except the gloves, and I sewed my husbands costume.  Big year!

2010 was another big sewing year when it came to my own costume
 2010 was also the first year I made a costume for my children!  I made my sons Dash Incredible costume!!  I also made a little shirt for the dog.
To make the dogs t-shirt I simply cut up an old t-shirt of hers and I used the pieces as a pattern.  For Trent's costume I traced a sleeper of his for the bodysuit, I used trial-and-error to make the underwear, and I used a pattern for the boots.

Stayed tuned for Halloween 2011

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