Saturday, August 27, 2011

3 super boys

Chrissy is a wonderful mom to 3 sweet young boys, two of which love their superheros!!  They wear their superhero costumes year round, they know each character, their powers and their moves.

She was about to order the boys a couple capes from the internet, but before she did, she asked me if I wanted to make them instead.  Of course I was excited for the new project!  I found a great tutorial that helped me do the actual cape, and I figured out the logos and straps on my own.  Initially I was only going to make 2 capes for the older boys to share, but my mother-in-law gave me the idea to make one for the baby.  Since the youngest is too young to fully appreciate the awesome-ness of a cape, and probably wouldn't put much wear and tear on it, I didn't make it as durable as the other two.  Just something simple so that mom could have 3 superboys! 

I knew from the beginning that I was going to make the capes reversible, but it took me a while to decide which characters to use. While I was deciding, my husband gave me the idea to use the same superhero on one side of each cape in case the boys want to be the same guy at the same time.  Great idea!  I chose Superman since he is the only superhero who actually wears a cape (to the best of my knowledge).

I didn't make the baby cape reversible, but I chose Spiderman and Captain America as the reverse sides of the other two capes.  I chose Spiderman because he's awesome, and I chose Captain America because I knew the boys like him, but also because his colors coordinate with superman

I tried putting the bigger capes on my own son to make sure the size was appropriate, but he refused.  I ended up trying it on myself (like I have the neck of a 5 year old ?!?!) and THAT he thought was great.  I ended up "having" to wear a cape around our neighborhood when we went for a walk.  It didn't help my cause when I pretended to fly.....that was just like adding fuel to the fire.


oh boy.

When it came time for the baby cape, I used my daughter as a model.  She quite liked the cape.  She'd take it off of herself and ask me to put it back on her, then take it off and ask me to put it back on, over and over.  very cute!

When I was done, I packed them up in a bag and gave them to Chrissy earlier this week when we were together at an engagement party.  She had wanted to save them for a few weeks until the first day of school, but I think I guilted her into giving them to the boys that night (sorry Chris!). 

To say the cape were a hit is an understatement.  The two older boys light up when they saw the capes and they wore them almost the entire night.  Of all things, Trent wanted a cape when he saw the other boys with he wore the baby cape!  I felt so bad that he didn't have a "real" cape, but he didn't seem to mind one bit.  The three of them ran and jumped and "flew" all over the place.  They were constantly reversing the sides and trading capes.  It made me so happy to see them so happy. 

I have plans to make both my kids their own capes at some point in the near future.  I might even add them to my etsy page.


  1. Geeze barbie... batman wears a cape. j/k

    they look great!

  2. Ty! They LOVE their capes. They really came out great :o)