Monday, August 22, 2011

bow holder

I've been collecting bows and clips and headbands for Claire since she was born.  Sometimes they come with an outfit, sometimes I buy or make them, other times they are a present to Claire from family.  None of which mattered much because up until recently she didn't have enough hair for the clips and she would tear the headbands right off her head.

But now she has some hair, so I'm working on getting her to leave clips/bows/bands alone! 

Several weeks ago Chrissy sent me an image of a bow holder on etsy, and it was just the cutest little thing.  I was inspired!

And so I made this:

I bought a wooden "C" , spray painted it white, slapped some stickers on it, stapled some ribbons to the back, then added some hanging hardware.  Not much to it really. 

My husband might disagree with that statement, given he stood with me in the ribbon aisles while I took hours trying to find the perfect combination of size, color & pattern.

I would like to add that the stickers took surprisingly well to the spray paint.  I thought I'd have to decoupage it or give it a clear coat, but that wasn't necessary at all. yippee.

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