Wednesday, August 17, 2011

claire's birthday outfit

Back in March my daughter turned 1.  It happened much quicker than I would have liked, but it happened nonetheless.  I decided to make her an outfit for her party.  I'd seen those birthday shirts and onesies around on the internet - you know, the ones with their age on the front.  I decided why not.  Her party was a luau theme so I chose a bright hibiscus print.  I used this circle skirt tutorial to make the skirt.  I used my wonderful serger to do a rolled hem around the bottom with contrasting thread rather than a traditional hem.  I also dabbled with this dying elastic tutorial, but I couldn't get the color just right, so I went with white.  For the top I simply printed a "1" from the computer (from word), cut it out, traced it on my fabric, and sewed it to the onesie.  I knew I should have used 'heat n bond' but I was lazy and didn't.  USE IT!  The "1" started fraying right away!  In addition to her age, I cut out a couple of the hibiscus' from the left over fabric and I sewed them on to the shoulders of the onesie, just for some added detail.  Being March there was still a chill in the air so I threw some tights on her legs and she was good to go!  It was a great party!!!  5 months later and she still wears the skirt.

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