Monday, October 3, 2011

Baby Shower

I will start by saying I made a bone-head move and managed to lose several photos from this baby shower!!  Some of the lost photos were of the mother-to-be opening presents, some of my children with their aunt they only see a couple times a year, and - the ones that effect this blog the most - pictures of decorations.  *insert angry/frustrated/upset face here*

The chair I reupholstered was the centerpiece of the living room.  It was the chair-of-honor for the mom-to-be and was surrounded by presents!  On the coffee table next to the chair we placed a tablecloth and a hand-made centerpiece, made by yours truly (insert lost photo).  Behind the chair on the mantel I hung a home-made banner that said "Baby Woodland".  The banner was made with the help of my friend and her Cricuit machine.  Sitting on the mantel were photos of the parents-to-be together and photos of each of them as babies.  Scattered between the photos were little buttons.

In the dining room we had 3 tables set up.  One was for the cake, the favors, and the wishing tree.  The cake was made by Canon's - a local bakery.  The favors were hand soaps in the shape of buttons purchased from (I believe)  The wishing tree was something I saw on the internet and wanted to replicate.  I used an old vase, some ribbon, and sticks from the yard to create the actual tree.  I used cardstock paper in 2 shades of green for the leafy shapes.  With a hole-punch and some thin yarn I made hanging loops for the leaves.  The sign was made using Microsoft Word.  Above this table was a clothesline of baby clothes with tissue paper flowers on each end. 

cell phone photo :-(
the nursery is done in a gender neutral frog theme

I had a great photo of the tree with more leaves on it, but it's gone :-(

The other 2 tables were set up for food.  I had a home-made floral centerpiece on each table, along with a very cute (if I do say so myself) silverware tray.

this is only one of the 3 centerpieces I made.  This one is 6 matching washcloths.  The other 2 arrangements were in a green bucket and each had 12 or 13 flowers.  The flowers in those arrangements were made from onesies, washcloths, socks and a bib.  I wish I had photos of them - they looked very different from the arrangement above.

In the kitchen, my mother-in-law had a scrapbook table set up.  Each guest was to make a scrapbook page that the mom-to-be is to add photos to once the baby is born.  The book turned out super cute - there are pages for baby's first Halloween, first steps, etc.  It's extra special because even the non-crafty guests created a page.

We had a very nice turn out, the food was delicious, the company was delightful, and the baby presents were abundant!

(if anyone who attended has photos, please send them to me!)

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