Thursday, October 13, 2011

floral pants

I bought this fabric a year ago, along with several other corduroy prints.  There was a corduroy sale and I went a bit crazy.  I have a thing for corduroy - what can I say.  Not long ago I finally decided this print would make a very cute pair of pants for Claire, so last week I made them.  It only took me a couple hours to whip them up - and it only took that long because I did pockets, and at the last second I went back and added ruffles to the bottoms.  They turned out more 'hippy' than I had expected, but still super cute!  

here you can see the original hem of the pants, then where I added the ruffle

close up of the pocket

I didn't exactly have a shirt to match the pants, so I had to make do.  One thing I learned from "What Not To Wear" is that pieces don't have to match, they simply have to go.  Go ahead and call me crazy, but I think this orange-y shirt goes splendidly with these pants.

trying to get into a pocket

Now this is a much better match!  We had Trent's soccer practice later in the day and it got chilly, so we put her owl hoodie on her.

Overall I'm very happy with them.  The waist isn't quite high enough in the back, and I left zero growing room in the legs, but for now they are great!

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