Thursday, October 6, 2011


I recently sat down and made some burp cloths for a friend.  Well, I didn't actually make them, I just altered them to make them nicer to look at and perhaps a little more practical.  All I did was cover some cloth diapers with flannel. 

Sew She Sews was my inspiration.

I sewed most of the burp cloths using my sewing machine, but I also experimented with serging a few.  Serging took much less time, but I think the sewed ones will hold up better over time.  Perhaps I should go back and do a topstich around the ones I serged - just for added strength.

We pre-washed and dried everything because we know that cloth diapers shrink significantly after their first few washes/dries.  They shrink and the shape distorts, making them difficult to work with, even after being ironed.  The edges and lines aren't all straight and even, but I did my best.  The Sew She Sews blog mentions that she never pre-washes and they turn out fine, so in the future I might try that.  At least then the burp cloths will look nice for at least a few days, or until they get washed.

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