Monday, October 24, 2011


Several months ago I was on and came across a link to a tutorial on how to make buttons!  I was immediately interested in this crazy idea.  Within a few days I was at the story purchasing the necessary supplies.  I bought Shrinky Dink plastic paper, the recommended pens, and I borrowed hole punches from a friend.  I got it all home....and then on the shelf it all sat.  I think I didn't jump on this project immediately because it's quite intimidating.  First, you want to NEED buttons - and I don't.  Second, you have to have ideas of things to draw on the buttons - and I didn't.  Third, any letters you write have to be written backwards - difficult.

Here's the tutorial I used

My first attempt was more or less a practice run.  I didn't want to do anything too extravagant just to cook it for took long and ruin it, so I did something simple: my sons first and middle name.  It's off centered and boring to look at, but like I said, it was practice. 

Second attempt was the Phillie Phanatic.  This time I wrote the words "go phillies" on a piece of paper then turned it over and traced it onto the button.  This method adds some time but it's makes for nicer looking letters. 

My third button was of a flower with my daughters name. 

Fourth button is a baseball...kind of.

I found the process to be so 'neat'.  The buttons ended up being so much smaller than I thought they'd be - they are smaller than a dime - they are harder than I thought they'd be, and they cooked much quicker than I thought they would.  I definitely plan to make more in the future, I just need to come up with more ideas of stuff to draw on them.

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